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Transport examples
Mobile Achslastverwiegung
Mobile Achslastverwiegung Wir bieten mobile Verwiegung von Achslasten (Pendelachsen) und Gesamtgewichten mit amtlicher Anerkennung. www.achslastverwiegung.at
Neue Tunnelschleuszeiten A9
Neue Tunnelsperrzeiten für Bosrucktunnel und Gleinalmtunnel an der A9
Kennworth T600
unser Kennworth T 600. Der Eyecatcher beim "Tag des Verkehrs" im Donauhafen Tulln. Ein besonderes Erlebnis für Jung und"jung" gebliebene!!

Fellner Road Security

Fellner GmbH is one of the most experienced Austrian enterprises concentrated on security in piloting special transports and on handling their permits.

Our main competitive advantages include neutral offer processing as well as our longtime expertise about handling special transports. These two factors clearly highlight the reasons why you should choose us as a partner.

Our tight network of reliable and trustworthy partners in numerous states is at the same time your security network far away from your homebase and your protection against unpleasant surprises.

Furthermore, our position at the very center of Austria‘s main transit routes makes us a competent hub between Western, Eastern, Northern and Southern Europe.
Johann Fellner GmbH   |   A-3350 Haag, Lerchenfeld 45   |   phone +43(0)7434-430 70   |   fax +43(0)7434-444 55   |   e-mail: office@roadsec-fellner.at