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Road Security

Road security is our foremost thought in all we do and well embedded in our working procedures.

Our reputation for our diligence has gained us trust with the authorisation issuing authorities and forms the foundation of our efficient working relationship.

Austria is the only European country where transport escorts are done exclusively by private companies/individuals. This unique regulation could not have been passed without the extensive experience of the Fellner GmbH.

Many special regulations that simplify the regulations for heavy loads transports in Austria were originally based on suggestions by Johan Fellner, who has several decades of experience as an active functionary at the WKO (Austrian Chamber of Commerce).

The Fellner family business has conducted more than 50,000 transport safeguards without a single negative event which speak for the great experience and high professionalism.

Get your very own customised
road security with us

Bodies with affidavit
Private road security companies temporarily take on a similar function as the road supervision authority and police with the same legal status.

According to the 22nd amendment to the vehicle law such the main responsible private road security bodies is allowed to use blue lights at “level 4” and at lower levels at dangerous passages. After having passed such dangerous passages or once the escort has been terminated the blue and white flashing lights have to be removed.

Appearance of vehicles
According to § 97/2 StVO all escort vehicles have to be of very similar appearance so they can be recognised by other parties on the road:
Red special warning jacket with reflective stripes, Label: „ORGAN DER STRASSENAUFSICHT“ (Body of the road supervision agency), Service certificate, Service badge, Traffic cone, Hand held traffic signal, ...

We are happy to give you more details regarding the training and prerequisites for obtaining this licence.

What does this mean for you:

Transport haulage conforming to the highest security standards.

Minimal impact on third parties using the same transport route even for the largest of transports and smallest of margins for manoeuvre.

Our team members count on more than ten years of experience and excellent on the job training.

In order to offer our customers an even better service, our vehicles are equipped with a modern radiolocation system (GPS over IP).

So we have the possibility to use the nearest vehicle and save costs for our customers.
Road security
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